Friday 1 February

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Dex wakes up, disoriented after his seizure but seemingly unaware that he’s had one, and when April finds him she fails to notice anything's wrong. The next day, while he and April are at Angelo’s, Dex feels the effects of the seizure during lunch. Finding it hard to cope, he gets into an altercation with Heath about Bianca. After April convinces Heath to drive them home, Dex admits to Romeo he needs to go to hospital.

Harvey is upset to find that Roo’s asked his old friend Winston to be best man, but only succeeds in offending her when he explains how stressful he's finding the wedding. Despite Harvey's efforts to put him off, Winston refuses to take the hint as he arrives in the Bay. Meanwhile, Marilyn doesn’t make the connection between her doomed date with a man called Winston and Harvey’s best friend.

Bianca apologises to Liam for her behaviour, assuring him that she and Adam are over. When they run into Heath, Bianca can't think how she can even begin to make it up to him. On Irene’s advice Bianca visits Rocco’s grave, where she once again finds Heath and tries to apologise. But is he ready to forgive her?


  • Mon 4 Feb

    As the Braxtons anxiously await the jury's verdict, Dex insists Romeo help him keep his hospital visit a secret.


  • Thu 31 Jan

    As Dex's health takes a turn for the worse, Lisa and the Walkers' respite proves short-lived after Neil is arrested.

  • Wed 30 Jan

    With Tamara missing, will Kyle prove himself loyal to the Braxtons as he takes the stand at Casey's trial?

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  • jordan barrett

    1 year ago

    jordan barrett

    the problems are really annoying

  • lisa d

    1 year ago

    lisa d

    bit much when me and my daughter (i am 39 she is 21) debate which of us is better suited to be with Brax,,, Ov course its ME lol .....

  • Aido

    1 year ago


    This site is now beyond ridiculous, I have tried five times now today to watch this episode on two different browsers. It's just not worth the hassle anymore. It's sad that they can't/won't sort out the problems.

  • maisijenkd

    1 year ago


    g'day people,this episode was amazing good work cast.

  • teresa smith

    1 year ago

    teresa smith

    I love home and away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    1 year ago


    Keep up the good work Cast And Crew of Home And Away from Kevin your friend P.S Please kep in touch thank you

  • lilly

    1 year ago


    love this