Monday 4 February

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The Braxtons are anxious in the lead up to Casey’s verdict. Heath is pessimistic after his confrontation with Bianca, adamant that it's over and wanting to spend the evening drinking with his brothers.

Bianca, meanwhile, is devastated by Heath’s rejection of her, relying on April and Irene's support. She’s relieved to hear Irene kept Rocco’s belongings, even though she’d previously tried to get rid of it. Bianca tries to accept that Heath may not forgive her, but still reaches out to him.

Dex asks Romeo to keep his seizure a secret when he visits the hospital for tests. Romeo struggles to lie to Sid when he calls, and his friend is appalled by his poor attempt at creating a story - a situation that becomes more complicated still when Dex is required to stay in for observation.


  • Tue 5 Feb

    As Casey receives the jury's verdict, Sasha struggles with her worries that he feels something for Sasha.


  • Fri 1 Feb

    As Dex tries to cover up the seizure he suffered, Bianca attempts to pull her life back together.

  • Thu 31 Jan

    As Dex's health takes a turn for the worse, Lisa and the Walkers' respite proves short-lived after Neil is arrested.

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Comments (8)

  • Hayley

    1 year ago


    song is Whitaker - Piano Song the Australian site lists all songs from the episode

  • Tim Collins

    1 year ago

    Tim Collins

    Methinks guilty as charged me'lud. What sayeth the good twleve persons?

  • chloe holden

    1 year ago

    chloe holden

    I would never ever hide something as bad a *seziere* from my dad , he would totally suspect something !!!!!!!! And Bianca is only getting what she deserves so can she really comlain NO ! I have no idea what the Jury will say but i would let Casey go would you ????

  • raimde

    1 year ago


    anyone know the name of the song 01:03-2:58?

  • Anna

    1 year ago


    Was thinking the same thing, knackered cow...

  • Bay bunyip

    1 year ago

    Bay bunyip

    And on the single charge of braxicide, how find you the jury?

  • Van

    1 year ago


    yeah why do they have to copy each other!

  • knackeredcow

    1 year ago


    Do we Aussie soap fans really have to go through another epilepsy story with Dex just like Neighbours did with Andrew?