Tuesday 5 February

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Dex is intent on keeping his medical issues secret, and Romeo's concerns don't escape Indi's notice. However, when Sasha talks to Dex about her insecurities with Casey, and suggests that his own relationship appears to be more open and honest, she unwittingly opens his eyes to the fact he needs to tell April about his seizures.

Casey struggles to stay calm as they await the outcome of the court case and, although Sasha senses that he feels something for Tamara, she vows be there for him. Casey is found not guilty on the count of Danny's murder but guilty for armed robbery, sentenced to a five-year good behaviour bond and periodic weekend detention.

While celebrating the verdict, Sasha questions about Tamara's future plans leave the newcomer feeling lost and unwanted, prompting Casey to offer her a place to stay. Sensing that Sasha's unhappy, Natalie tries without success to encourage her to talk it out with Casey.

Heath believes Kyle to be upset because he mistrusts his brothers to help his court case. When Kyle corrects him and reveals that he’s grieving over the fact that his father’s killer was found not guilty, Heath senses he needs closure and takes him to Danny’s grave. When Kyle is later arrested, he reminds the brothers what they promised him.


  • Wed 6 Feb

    Upset to discover that Leah has left town, Jamie breaks into her house and hacks her computer.


  • Mon 4 Feb

    As the Braxtons anxiously await the jury's verdict, Dex insists Romeo help him keep his hospital visit a secret.

  • Fri 1 Feb

    As Dex tries to cover up the seizure he suffered, Bianca attempts to pull her life back together.

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