Wednesday 6 February

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When Adam arrives to hear that Kyle’s been arrested, he's reluctant to help bail him out and reminds Brax of the positives of keeping his brother in jail. However, Brax doesn't share his misgivings: he wants Casey to testify for Kyle and promises to ask Tamara.

When Casey asks Tamara more about her life, she reveals the truth about her troubled relationship with her parents following the loss of her brother, who died after getting involved in a fight with her abusive ex-boyfriend. Later, feeling threatened by Tamara's closeness with Casey, Sasha confronts her; although Tamara insists she's not interested and plans to leave the Bay, Casey is insistent she stays.

Meanwhile, Harvey deals with Winston’s enthusiasm for the wedding, and his complaints at having to do so soon begin to annoy Alf. Having made things up with Roo, how will Harvey keep it together when his old friend decides he wants to throw him a stag do?

Jamie’s upset to learn that Leah has left town, and Gina and Jett are similarly shocked to learn of the reasons why. Furious that such a dangerous character is hanging around the Bay, John confronts Jamie - who, later that night, enters their house and uses Jett’s computer to find VJ’s chat profile.


  • Thu 7 Feb

    Winston proves an overenthusiastic best man, and Jamie attempts to trick Liam and Jett into revealing Leah’s location.


  • Tue 5 Feb

    As Casey receives the jury's verdict, Sasha struggles with her worries that he feels something for Sasha.

  • Mon 4 Feb

    As the Braxtons anxiously await the jury's verdict, Dex insists Romeo help him keep his hospital visit a secret.

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