Tuesday 19 February

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Brax threatens to kill Jamie, but its Kyle’s sympathy that persuades Jamie to tell them Adam’s plans. They resume their search. Alive or dead, they need to bring Heath home. Just as it looks like all hope is lost Brax spots Heath lying on the shoreline. He jumps in and swims into his brother, but Heath’s unresponsive. They rush a freezing cold Heath to hospital. At hospital Brax is relieved to hear Heath’s alive but suffering from hypothermia. Back at the share house, Brax calls Adam, letting him know they have Jamie. A frightened Jamie calls out for his fathers’ help. Brax confronts Adam, who tries to palm the blame onto Jamie. Under the weight of evidence, Adam admits his part in the plan. Brax coldly informs him that they are done. Kyle is angry that Brax lets Adam get away with it, but Brax warns Kyle of Adam’s intelligence. There’s more at play here than they know.

Bianca confronts Adam about Heath’s whereabouts, and after a heated confrontation Adam warns Bianca not to threaten him. Upon hearing Heath’s alive she goes to the hospital and Sid reveals to Bianca Heath is suffering from hypothermia. Heath wakes up disorientated and Bianca calms him. She admits when he didn’t come home she was scared he’d changed his mind about their relationship. He tells her that all he could think about in the ocean was Bianca and Darcy. The couple are finally reunited.

Casey has a run in with Courtney, a prisoner, but is defended by Zac, an education officer at the correctional facility. It’s revealed Zac is keeping an eye on Casey as a favour to Natalie. Zac tells Casey that he has options in the prison, but Casey’s not interested. Courtney clocks Zac’s interest in Casey, which further antagonises him. Courtney and Casey begin to fight, and Zac intervenes. Sensing the other prisoners regard Casey as weak, he tells Casey to hit him in the face. Afterwards Casey asks him why he had to punch him. Zac replies, “To get you respect” Casey is annoyed. Respect for the things he’s done? He’s ashamed of his past. But Zac is deadly serious. It’s a tough world in here. He’s got a chance to start over in here if he accepts Zac’s help. Casey starts to listen to Zac’s advice.

Sasha tells Natalie that Casey ended it with her because of Tamara, but Natalie suspects it was to protect her. Sid is finding it hard to mask his relief that Casey and his daughter are no longer involved. Sid counsels Sasha that it’s time to move on.


  • Wed 20 Feb

    Casey returns from the detention centre to disappointment.


  • Mon 18 Feb

    April challenges Dex to finish his nursing training.

  • Fri 15 Feb

    After calling Bianca to make amends, Heath gets into trouble on the boat...

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