Tuesday 4 March

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As the caretakers take Ethan’s body away, Casey finds that Ethan’s phone has been left behind and grabs it. With clues from the recent text messages Zac, Casey, Hannah and Tamara deduce that they’re in a shipping container but are running out of time to figure out which shipping yard they’re in. Meanwhile in the container, dehydration is starting to take hold of Kyle, Oscar and Evelyn. When a voicemail is left on Ethan’s phone, the gang hear a train in the background and narrow down their search to container yards near train lines and only find one nearby. When they arrive at the shipping yard they desperately start banging on the hundreds of containers, trying to find the Kyle and the twins. Kyle hears them calling their names and musters the strength to call out. Zac, Hannah, Tamara and Casey rescue the badly dehydrated trio just in time. When the twins arrive home, Hannah convinces Zac to wait a night before they tell them their father has died – the twins have been through enough. Zac reluctantly agrees, but now is faced with his own grief. Both Hannah and Zac are at breaking point and they finally succumb to their attraction, sleeping together.

Harvey is still very stand-offish, with Roo and those around him and continues to need time by himself. When Alf comes to check on him he asks Harvey to open up to Roo about what happened when he went missing. However, it’s clear Harvey isn’t dealing with reality.

When Montgomery overhears Leah talking about the bomb, she chimes in stating that a Mangrove River student is probably responsible because of all the troubles at the school. When Roo questions why a student would want to blow up the hospital, Montgomery realises that her bomb has not gone off at the school as she thought it would. She arrives at the hospital site to learn that Bianca is still alive but others have died. When Heath is left behind because there is no room on the airlift with Bianca, he sees Montgomery leaving the scene of destruction. When Heath arrives home to find Casey and Kyle not there, he’s torn between going to the city with Bianca and looking after Ricky. Nate offers to look after her but Heath insists that family should look after family. Montgomery goes to Heath, trying to get information out of him by pretending she’s concerned about Bianca. A disbelieving Heath admits they don’t know who was behind the explosion, and Montgomery is relieved. However, her interest in Bianca’s welfare sparks Heath’s suspicions. Does Montgomery have something to do with this? Heath plans to head to the city to be with Bianca in hospital, and organises for Casey and Kyle to look after Ricky, but they find her getting along happily with Nate… and Kyle can’t hide his growing suspicion that there’s something between Ricky and Nate.

Alf has been helping the SES recovery and finds out from the authorities that the bomb was hidden in Bianca’s laptop bag. When he asks Heath if he has any idea who could be behind it, he says he has no idea. However, Leah starts to wonder whether Montgomery was behind the explosion. Meanwhile, at the school Montgomery is busy framing a student by placing the detonator in a locker. Heath has tracked her there, looking for revenge.


  • Wed 5 Mar

    Judgement day arrives for Montgomery as both Heath and Leah discover the truth about the bomb.


  • Mon 3 Mar

    The search for survivors of the explosion begins and the race is on to rescue the wounded.

  • Fri 28 Feb

    As Montgomery sees through her plan, a devastating bomb blast leaves lives hanging in the balance.

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