Tuesday 18 March

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Casey is angry that Kyle beat up Sean – he’s now escalated the situation. Sean’s going to want revenge. Maybe it’s time for the Barrett’s to get out of town. Andy is reluctant to leave, but Josh wants his brother to be safe. When Josh pushes it, Andy reveals if he leaves town Sean will come after Josh.

Sasha, Irene, Spencer and Chris are all being held captive by Sean, who is in desperate need of medical help. After overhearing that Chris and Sasha’s respective parents were doctors he’s come to them believing Irene is a doctor. When he realises she owns the diner, he convinces himself that their father must be the doctor, and they’re going to wait for him to come home. Roo and Leah are concerned when Irene hasn’t shown up to work without calling. Meanwhile, Chris tells Sean their father lives in another city – he’s not coming home soon. He convinces Sean to let him call his father to prove they don’t live together. Sean is dismayed, not wanting to believe it. The situation gets worse as Leah knocks on the door. She’s come to see if Irene’s okay. Sean threatens Irene to tell Leah to leave. Frightened, Irene tells Leah she’s ill and to leave. Leah picks up that something’s wrong immediately. When Sean wants to go to the hospital, he decides to take Sasha hostage. Chris attacks Sean, hurting him even more. When Sean is knocked unconscious the siege is over. But Chris is torn – has he just killed a man? Irene comforts Chris, he did what he had to do.

Off the back of hurting Sean, Kyle seeks solace in Phoebe. Phoebe asks Tamara what is going on with Kyle – he’s acting weird… Tamara, determined not to be dragged back into Braxton drama, protests that she doesn’t know anything. Kyle admits to Casey how his plan with Sean went awry. Later, after the siege, Leah recounts the story of how Chris overpowered Sean as Casey overhears. When he reveals he knows Sean, Tamara’s not surprised. Keeping out of the Braxton world is harder than she thought. She needs to take it further. She tenders her resignation at Angelo’s, but Kyle takes it harder than expected.

Kyle feels guilty about hurting Sean. He never would have gone to Irene’s if Kyle didn’t hurt him so badly. Josh and Andy counter both Kyle and Casey have gone above and beyond for them. Josh tells Andy he’d like to move into a caravan with him so they can spend actual quality time together instead of just hiding from psychos. Confused and disoriented, Kyle goes to Phoebe. He wants her to help him be Kyle Bennett again.


  • Wed 19 Mar

    A funeral rocks the Bay, as one inhabitant feels the pressure to deliver a truthful eulogy.


  • Mon 17 Mar

    Casey rescues Andy from an ugly predicament, but Sean continues to apply pressure.

  • Fri 14 Mar

    After trashing the gym, Sean Green threatens Andy.

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