Monday 4 August

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Upset that John has rejected Marilyn’s marriage proposal, Jett decides to take out his small boat before Alf has finished its repairs. It’s not long before the boat starts taking on water, leaving Jett helpless as the boat finally sinks beneath him. Treading water, Jett looks towards the distant shore. Struggling to stay afloat, Jett swims towards the pier. Meanwhile, Marilyn has accepted John’s marriage proposal. When they fail to locate Jett, eager to share their happy news, Alf calls to say Jett’s boat is missing. Standing at the end of the pier, Marilyn uses a pair of binoculars to locate Jett. While Alf and John drag a boat out to rescue Jett, Brax dives into the water and begins to freestyle towards Jett. Just as Jett gives up, Brax reaches him and keeps his head above water. Jett apologises to Alf for taking the boat out before it was seaworthy. John is livid at Jett but Marilyn tells John to leave it – today was supposed to be a happy day after all!

The River boys are still troubled by the recent spate of mysterious acts of violence occurring at their house – first the drive-by shooting and now Kyle’s been attacked. Phoebe decides to enlist her father’s sleuthing help, a fact which sits uncomfortably with Brax. Walking towards Angelo’s, Kyle sees Mark get into a silver car. Kyle watches in shock: Mark is meeting with his attacker. Not mentioning what he witnessed earlier, Kyle invites Mark over to the share house to see whether he will come clean. However, Mark does not mention the meeting and continues to tell Kyle to wait patiently while he tracks down some leads. When Kyle confides in Brax, he is given an ultimatum: either Kyle tells Phoebe about her father’s involvement or Brax will.

Evelyn is revising for history when Maddy gate crashes with Josh and Spencer to have a group study session. Maddy keeps encouraging Spencer to try to chat up Evelyn but nothing seems to work. Maddy suggests they should pair off, giving Spencer a chance to spend time with Evelyn alone. While Spencer and Maddy squabble over how to study, sparks fly between Josh and Evelyn. Could Evie be getting a big crush on Maddy’s boyfriend?


  • Tue 5 Aug

    Kyle faces an impossible dilemma – break Phoebe’s heart or continue to be terrorised by her father?


  • Fri 1 Aug

    Marilyn has a surprise in store for John when she puts on a lavish spread and proposes.

  • Thu 31 Jul

    Oscar’s panic attack brings Spencer and Evie closer.

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