Friday 10 August

Episode 2151 - The One With The Commune Fire

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With cult leader Saul holding Selina hostage inside the burning commune, Jesse braves the flames in a bid to save her. From behind a locked door he hears her coughing, breaking his way in with a crowbar; however, just as he drags Selina towards the door, he finds Saul blocking his escape. Meanwhile, for Joey, waiting outside helplessly proves too much and he makes a dash for the building; Saul’s his dad after all. Seeing the struggle, he intervenes to buy Jesse and Selina time to escape. Joey runs into the corridor after them, then looks back to Saul, calling for him to follow. For a moment it looks like he will, but as Saul reaches out for his son a burning pillar falls down between them and he’s engulfed in a blaze of flames.


  • Mon 13 Aug

    Former resident Joel Nash returns to Summer Bay High as a teacher, having moved to town with his wife and kids.


  • Fri 10 Aug

    As Irene goes into labour, Selina and Chloe are forced to put their animosity to one side.

  • Thu 9 Aug

    Online-only episode. It’s the dreaded day of Michael’s funeral, and for Pippa the loss is only now beginning to sink in.

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