Monday 6 August

Episode 1222 - The One With Pippa and Michael's Loss

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Dale having been found lifeless in his cot, Pippa desperately keeps up her efforts to revive him until the ambulance crew arrives to take over. As the family anxiously gather downstairs, Bobby can hold back no longer and races upstairs to Pippa’s side, only to be there to witness the moment the medics deliver the heart-breaking news: it’s too late to save the baby.


  • Tue 7 Aug

    Looking forward to some privacy at long last, Shane and Angel head off to the mountains.


  • Mon 6 Aug

    A now-sober Irene returns to Summer Bay to support Fin through the aftermath of a diving accident.

  • Fri 3 Aug

    Online-only episode. Pippa is floored by news of Sophie's pregnancy, but for how long can she keep Michael in the dark?

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