Wednesday 8 August

Episode 1750 - The One Where Chloe's Attacked

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After a long day, the kids excitedly set off for Luna Park, with Jack fretting over friend Chloe’s unexplained absence from school. All becomes clear when Nelson finally gets off detention and finds her on the beach, bruised and sobbing, and she confesses to having taken a beating at the hands of her father. Feeling responsible as Nelson brings her to Luna Park, Jack promises it will never happen again; when it’s time to go home, the pair’s nowhere to be found.


  • Thu 9 Aug

    Tragedy strikes when Shane collapses during a trip to celebrate his and Angel's first anniversary.


  • Wed 8 Aug

    Angel is concerned that she will be confined to a wheelchair for her big day.

  • Tue 7 Aug

    Online-only episode. James (Simon Baker) turns to Luke for pointers on how to impress Roxy.

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