Monday 13 August

Episode 2323 - The One With The Nashes

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The introduction of a new soap family rarely fails to cause a stir, and this episode heralds a new age of drama as one-time student Joel Nash returns to Summer Bay High in the capacity of a teacher, having moved to town with his wife and kids. Not quite ready to embrace her new life on the coast, Gypsy, who enjoyed the fast pace of former home Hong Kong, predicts dull times ahead; and Tom’s only amusement comes from trying to find out more about his dad’s past here. Meanwhile, Joel’s surprised to discover that younger brother Travis, whom he hasn’t seen since he left the family years ago, is still among the locals – prompting a less than blissful brotherly reunion.


  • Mon 13 Aug

    The residents of Summer Bay are threatened with tragedy when an intruder get trigger-happy at the diner.


  • Fri 10 Aug

    Online-only episode. Fisher’s full of impatience as he auditions actors for his production. Will Marilyn's big news finally lift his spirits?

  • Fri 10 Aug

    With cult leader Saul holding Selina hostage inside the burning commune, Jesse braves the flames in a bid to save her.

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