Monday 13 August

Episode 2485 - The One Where Fisher Goes Overboard

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Fisher having mysteriously vanished from the boat during their trip, Travis and Rebecca can only reach the conclusion that he must have hit the water – and panic soon sets in when the rescue team comes up short in its recovery efforts. With Marilyn, feeling helpless at home, attempting to put on a brave face, Alf clutches at straws as he directs the search towards a particular spit of land where he too once found himself stranded. Meanwhile, Travis joins the crew in the chopper, where fears intensify as down below movement in the water signals sharks: is Fisher about to meet with a grisly fate?


  • Tue 14 Aug

    Shaken after a run-in with a stranger, Ailsa takes drastic measures to fend off a suspected intruder at home.


  • Mon 13 Aug

    Former resident Joel Nash returns to Summer Bay High as a teacher, having moved to town with his wife and kids.

  • Fri 10 Aug

    Online-only episode. Fisher’s full of impatience as he auditions actors for his production. Will Marilyn's big news finally lift his spirits?

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  • A Home And Away Nostalgic

    8 months ago

    A Home And Away Nostalgic

    Norman Coburn played one of Home and Away's most iconic characters, Donald Fisher. Back in the day when the show was a little more child friendly compared to the crime drama it seems to have become in more recent years, Donald was always at his most stiff upper lip at the best of times, and always tried to deal with a regrettable situation with as much integrity as possible.

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  • Fran Richards

    over 1 year ago

    Fran Richards

    wish i could see the next one as i've no idea what happened next! Always great to see Donald, definately one of my favourite characters!

  • aaron

    over 1 year ago


    great episode