Monday 13 August

Episode 2497 - The One With The Hold-Up

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Ailsa thinks nothing of it when a young man asks for a job in the diner, apologetically turning him away as she explains that she can’t help. But for Murray, a guy who's been rejected one time too many, this is the last straw: he waits until the diner is empty before threatening Ailsa with a gun, with Alf powerless to stop him. Just then, Terri and Joel arrive, making the intruder more than a little edgy. As Alf dutifully ushers them away, Terri forgets her mobile phone; when she returns to collect it, the shock leads Murray to inadvertently fire the gun – straight in the direction of Sally.


  • Tue 14 Aug

    Shaken after a run-in with a stranger, Ailsa takes drastic measures to fend off a suspected intruder at home.


  • Mon 13 Aug

    Former resident Joel Nash returns to Summer Bay High as a teacher, having moved to town with his wife and kids.

  • Fri 10 Aug

    Online-only episode. Fisher’s full of impatience as he auditions actors for his production. Will Marilyn's big news finally lift his spirits?

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