Wednesday 15 August

Episode 2845 - The One About Shauna's Mum

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When Shauna confronts her, asking her why the family has baby photos of all her brothers but none of her, Margaret does her best to avert suspicion, saying she simply didn’t have a camera to take pictures of her as a newborn. Insulted after being branded a liar, Margaret flees but only makes it halfway to the city before returning to clear the air. But, as she reluctantly reveals to Shauna that she adopted her and doesn’t know the identity of her birth mother, Margaret finds understanding in short supply. As Shauna reflects on her dad’s treatment of her, everything begins to click into place – but will she be able to track down her Aunt Kate and get the answers she so desperately needs?


  • Thu 16 Aug

    An eventful book launch in London sees Fisher reunited with Marilyn and Nick meeting Atomic Kitten.


  • Wed 15 Aug

    Gypsy's loved ones flock to the hospital as, after being involved in a car crash, her life hangs by a thread.

  • Tue 14 Aug

    Online-only episode. Summer Bay's fishing competition ends in disaster when Ailsa and Duncan's car veers off the beaten track.

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