Thursday 16 August

Episode 2961 - The One With Ailsa's Funeral

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Following Ailsa’s death, the locals step out in force to pay their last respects: Fisher delivers a moving eulogy, Mitch lends his vocal talents to a song, and Shauna reflects on her joy at having had the chance to get to know her mother. After the scattering of Ailsa’s ashes, Alf turns to Fisher with his regrets: to his mind his wife would still be here had he kept his word and moved those dreaded boxes; his guilt is such that he can’t even look Duncan in the eye. As tensions between father and son build, Duncan is deeply hurt and, while Alf regrets his short fuse, it’s clear he’s reaching his limit.


  • Fri 17 Aug

    After a colourful wedding featuring a red dress, Hawaiian shirts and one ripper of a Summer Bay party, Will and Gypsy set sail for their new life.


  • Thu 16 Aug

    An eventful book launch in London sees Fisher reunited with Marilyn and Nick meeting Atomic Kitten.

  • Wed 15 Aug

    Online-only episode. As Shauna begins to question her past, Margaret is pushed to make a startling confession.

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