Thursday 16 August

Episode 3125 - The One In London

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Home and Away goes on location as Fisher and Hayley travel to London for their book launch, accompanied by Irene, Will and Nick. There, as Robbie sets out to impress Hayley with his passion for culture, Fisher finds himself in line for a surprise reunion when Marilyn slips into the audience at his presentation. Meanwhile, with Will refusing to join him on his wander around the city, it doesn’t take long for Nick to lose his way – forcing him to asks directions from none other than Atomic Kitten.


  • Thu 16 Aug

    After helping Gypsy to deliver their baby girl by the roadside, an emotional Will pops the question.


  • Wed 15 Aug

    Online-only episode. As Shauna begins to question her past, Margaret is pushed to make a startling confession.

  • Wed 15 Aug

    Tragedy strikes after Ailsa stubbornly insists on throwing herself into some heavy lifting at the diner.

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