Thursday 16 August

Episode 3190 - The One Where Will Proposes

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In an episode with not one but two new arrivals, it’s as Leah’s in the maternity ward giving birth to VJ that Gypsy, having left it too late to get to the hospital herself, leaves Will with the daunting task of delivering their baby at the roadside. And so it is that, while on one side of town poor Vinnie enjoys only a few precious moments with new son VJ before Inspector Carter arrives with an arrest warrant, on the other a teary-eyed Will finds himself with a question to ask of Gypsy as he realises that he simply can’t imagine life without her and their little girl.


  • Fri 17 Aug

    After a colourful wedding featuring a red dress, Hawaiian shirts and one ripper of a Summer Bay party, Will and Gypsy set sail for their new life.


  • Thu 16 Aug

    An eventful book launch in London sees Fisher reunited with Marilyn and Nick meeting Atomic Kitten.

  • Wed 15 Aug

    Online-only episode. As Shauna begins to question her past, Margaret is pushed to make a startling confession.

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