Monday 20 August

Episode 3650: The One Down The Mineshaft

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Deep in the earth, Rhys and the girls recover from the fall into the mineshaft, where to their relief they find the missing Max and his shrine to Eloise. Meanwhile, having arrived at the empty Sutherland House expecting a birthday dinner, Dani, Scott, Colleen and Seb are worried: the food is burnt, the table is set, the car is still there, and Rhys’s wallet is in the house. Hours after the alarm has been raised, the search party is still looking as, inside the mineshaft, the last of the candles fade and Kirsty realises the air is running out. Rhys frantically sets to digging an air hole, but the movements cause another slide and he’s smothered in rubble. Jade sees him buried and calls out, but there’s no response. The last flickering candle dies, and the mine is plunged into darkness.


  • Tue 21 Aug

    Sarah goes on the rampage to claim a line-up of Summer Bay hostages, with tragic consequences.


  • Mon 20 Aug

    Alf can't believe that more isn't being done for Fisher's departure, but the final farewell ends up being better than either of them could have imagined.

  • Fri 17 Aug

    Online-only episode. In a state of confusion, Alf experiences visions of his late wife Ailsa.

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