Tuesday 21 August

Episode 3805 - The One With Sarah's Siege

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Having escaped from the psychiatric ward, and then taken both Dani and Scott hostage, Sarah moves on to the safe house holding the remainder of her targets: she’s there for justice, and makes it clear she doesn’t want to live through the night. As she calls for the person who shot Felix to step forward, Peter strides into the room unawares – receiving a blow to the head for his troubles. As the cop begins to suffer a fit, Sarah refuses to let Flynn tend to him and instead gives her hostages an ultimatum: if by the end of her 20-minute deadline no one has claimed responsibility for Felix’s death, she’s going to start shooting…and she’s a woman of her word.


  • Tue 21 Aug

    Hayley attempts to come to terms with her grief by taking comfort from an apparition of her late husband.


  • Mon 20 Aug

    Online-only episode. Rhys and the girls recover from the fall into the mineshaft, where they find missing Max - but will help arrive in time?

  • Mon 20 Aug

    Sally has found a good man at last, in the form of dashing doctor Flynn Saunders, but not everything about their big day goes according to plan.

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