Friday 24 August

Episode 4560: The One Where Rachel’s Attacked

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Amid the threatening notes she’s been receiving, Rachel continues to find Roman a welcome distraction from her fears for as long as they’re in each other’s company; when she’s on her own, it’s an altogether different story. While she’s embarrassed at being so jumpy when her new friend pays her a visit to thank her for her help treating an injury at the diner, she has good reason to be afraid: even if the culprit manages to remain undetected when a concerned Roman offers to take a look outside, it’s clear that there’s someone staking out her apartment. Later that night, having lined up a lift home after a long and difficult shift at the hospital, things take a dramatic turn when Rachel is escorted to her front door and suddenly attacked by her companion. ‘I didn’t want to do this. You gave me no choice,’ Reverend Hall says, forcing her inside.


  • Mon 27 Aug

    While Sally discovers the word 'Milco' written in the sand at the beach, Morag almost runs down Miles.


  • Fri 24 Aug

    Doctors fight to save Sally after she is found in the school car park following a brutal stabbing.

  • Thu 23 Aug

    Online-only episode. With Alf on trial for fraud, Morag fears the odds are stacked against her brother as she sets out to prove him the victim of a set-up.

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