Wednesday 1 August

Episode 526 - The One With Tom's Car Crash

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The Fletcher family meet with tragedy when Tom, driving through town with his brood, suffers a heart attack at the wheel of his car and sends it hurtling off the road. After Bobby and Sophie are pulled to safety, Steven watches in horror as the vehicle tumbles over the embankment, with Tom trapped inside – only to have his worst fears realised when, having clambered down to the wreckage, he discovers it’s too late to save him.


  • Thu 2 Aug

    As Pippa and Michael prepare to tie the knot, the big day finds them both in a state of nervous excitement.


  • Wed 1 Aug

    As the men of Summer Bay gear up for the Ironman contest, two visiting soldiers threaten their chances of success.

  • Tue 31 Jul

    Online-only episode. Swapping the city for a dose of sea air, Marilyn hits Summer Bay arm in arm with a smitten Lance.

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