Thursday 2 August

Episode 838 - The One Where David Dies

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Under orders from partner in crime Revhead to steal a car and join him for a life on the run, Karen is the cause of yet more tragedy in the Bay when she jumps into Blake’s cranky old motor and puts her foot to the floor. When she loses control behind the wheel, her reactions just aren’t fast enough to clear the path of an oncoming vehicle – and the resulting collision spells an untimely end for local teacher and Summer Bay heartthrob David Croft (Guy Pearce).


  • Fri 3 Aug

    As the end of her battle with leukaemia draws near, Meg makes the most of the little time she has left.


  • Thu 2 Aug

    As Pippa and Michael prepare to tie the knot, the big day finds them both in a state of nervous excitement.

  • Wed 1 Aug

    Online-only episode. Alf and Ailsa find themselves with a full house when siblings Blake and Karen arrive in Summer Bay.

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