Friday 3 August

Episode 911 - The One With Sophie's Pregnancy

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Pippa may be less than prepared for the news that foster daughter Sophie is pregnant but, for the mum-to-be, Simon’s declaration that he (rather than the recently deceased David) is the dad comes as just as much of a surprise. Although she’s uneasy about the lie, Sophie can’t deny Simon’s logic – there’s no way she’d be forced into giving up the tot with both parents on the scene – and lets herself in for more raised eyebrows when she fudges the dates. Even more daunting for Pippa, though, is finding the right time to break the news to Michael, whose blissful ignorance doesn’t last quite as long as she may have hoped.


  • Mon 6 Aug

    A now-sober Irene returns to Summer Bay to support Fin through the aftermath of a diving accident.


  • Fri 3 Aug

    As the end of her battle with leukaemia draws near, Meg makes the most of the little time she has left.

  • Thu 2 Aug

    Online-only episode. Fisher rushes Bobby to the hospital, where his worst fears are realised as doctors investigate complications with the pregnancy.

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  • Suzanne Howard

    over 1 year ago

    Suzanne Howard

    I thought the same thing, went on youtube and found the end on there, not great quality but you get the idea of what's going on. If you type in home and away, blake and adam it'll come up

  • Lorna

    over 1 year ago


    Chanel 5- is there any way we can have the episode after this as well?! Desperate to see how the thing with Blake and Adam ends!