Friday 1 June

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As Indi plunges herself further into debt by buying a dress she can't afford, Romeo's good luck runs out when, fresh from his Surf Comp win, he suffers a knee injury after narrowly escaping being hit by Steve's car.

Although Romeo manages to conceal his pain during a meeting with a potential sponsor, whom he impresses enough to be able to seal the deal, at the hospital he's given the devastating news that the damage he's suffered will put him out of action for months.

Elsewhere, Colleen battles her despair at Lance's decision to move to America, particularly having given him all her money in the hope of moving in with him. Feeling her pain, her friends all pull together to buy her a ticket to the Gold Coast, wanting her to being able to see him before he leaves.


  • Mon 4 Jun

    When Romeo is rushed into surgery, Ruby is horrified to realise the severity of his injuries.


  • Thu 31 May

    Liam commits to helping Hayley, and Sasha surprises Sid by drawing inspiration from an unlikely source.

  • Wed 30 May

    Having struck up a deal with Hayley, Heath grows convinced that Bianca has chosen him over Liam.

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