Friday 11 January

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With Sid feeling anxious about Dex tiring himself out, Romeo offers to help by having a chat with him. When Romeo asks what’s going on, Dex reveals he feels constrained by his dad’s expectations, and how hard it is to function after the accident.

Leah is embarrassed about her one-night stand with Jamie, anxious about his intentions when she receives flowers from him. After talking to Liam and telling him that Jamie was upset not to be allowed to meet VJ, she explains she feels as though he’s a bit too intense. Throughout the day Leah receives more expensive gifts from Jamie, and her discomfort increases, especially when his note says he’ll pick her up at eight o’clock, and they’d never agreed on a second date.


  • Mon 14 Jan

    Kyle contacts Brax to arrange a meeting, but could there be more to his plans than meets the eye?


  • Thu 10 Jan

    Indi and Romeo recommit to their relationship, by surprising their loved ones with a renewing of vows.

  • Wed 9 Jan

    Natalie invites Bianca over for dinner so she can get her to open up about her drug use.

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