Friday 13 April

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When Leah finds Brax knocked out after a robbery at Angelo’s, she urges him to reconsider his cage fight. Brax, however, goes ahead despite his head injury, only to collapses and be rushed to hospital.

Having returned from the Academy for the weekend, Xavier unsuccessfully tries to convince John to resolve the issues between him and Gina. Feeling a little left out after being away for so long, Xavier and Ruby decide to have a quiet night bingeing on pizza and DVDs.

In the meantime, Indi has prepared a romantic evening with Romeo, but he’s too worried about Ruby after she bailed from the Surf Comp. Indi reluctantly understands; however, when Romeo arrives at the house to check on Ruby and finds her with Xavier, he realises he's sacrificed his plans for nothing.

Roo convinces Dale to join her for a meal at Angelo’s, where she knows Harvey will be dining with Fleur. After spending the night complaining about each other and annoying their respective dates, Harvey challenges Roo to face up to her feelings. Irritated by his audacity, Roo denies everything s and throws Harvey out - but it’s clear there’s still heat between them.


  • Mon 16 Apr

    Heath's quest for revenge on Sully endangers Bianca, and Leah's concern for Brax falls under the spotlight.


  • Thu 12 Apr

    Bianca comes clean about the baby's paternity, while the stakes are raised for Brax's latest fight.

  • Wed 11 Apr

    Henri decides she can no longer tutor Casey, but for how long can she deny her feelings?

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