Friday 13 July

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After his drug binge, Liam wakes up with a cut on his head. When Leah noticess that he’s bleeding, she rushes him to hospital, where they learn he's suffered a cocaine-induced seizure. Realising that his life has taken a bad turn since hooking up with Hayley, Liam has to make the decision on whether or not he should stay with her.

In the meantime, Liam runs into Bianca at the hospital, who is still suffering from post-natal psychosis. She tells Liam she’s still in love with him and that she needs him to help her, believing her baby was murdered and that she's the victim of a cover-up. Liam struggles with the pressure, realising there isn’t much he can do for her in his current state of mind.

The appeal is underway, as the Braxton brothers argue about what will happen if their father is released. Brax is convinced that only bad news can come if Danny is freed, but Heath and Casey are committed to giving their old man a second chance. Hayley, struggling with the pressure and her cocaine comedown, suggests the case is strong but not a definite, and sends the boys home to wait for the ruling. The stress becomes too much for Brax and he shuts down Angelo’s, just as he gets a special visitor...


  • Mon 16 Jul

    Despite Romeo's commitment to finding a job to support them, Ruby struggles to keep their relationship on track.


  • Thu 12 Jul

    Lottie's act of rebellion leads her to realise she and Roo have more in common than they thought.

  • Wed 11 Jul

    With Casey's interests at heart, Natalie reaches out to Brax over Danny's possible release from jail.

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  • marj

    over 1 year ago


    this is meant to be a site for commenting on the show NOT for ppl whingeing on about their viewing problems, just shut tf up ffs....

  • ella

    almost 2 years ago


    i have problems all the time now watching Home and Away online.Yet i can watch programmes on other sites no prolem! am sooo fed up with this

  • UnaIreland

    almost 2 years ago


    @Hof, i suffer the same torture!! and its not my internet or computer becoz other catch up sites run brilliantly, We'r not meant to get annoyed abt it though!

  • Maj

    almost 2 years ago


    Have you tried updating your flash/java platforms and clearing your cookies etc? I used to have the same issues on an old computer but now i have a new one they run flawlessly so i'm assuming its your comp/set-up and not the site tbh.

  • Hof

    almost 2 years ago


    anyone else having problems viewing these episodes? It seems like the ads will play fine but as soon as the opening screen credits roll the video freezes and I'm stuck for half an hour repeatedly watching ads trying to get the video to work! Very frustrating!