Friday 14 December

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Bianca finds herself a self-destructive path as she begins to push everyone around her away. When Heath tries to get through to her, she responds by trying to seduce him; when he rejects her, she breaks down.

Later, Heath asks Irene to check on Bianca, who later appears dressed up, calm and seemingly ready to have fun. Bianca flirts with Liam, while Heath watches, concerned. She asks Heath for drugs to stop her pain, but he refuses - only for Adam to later oblige.

Disheartened not to have found out more about Kyle, Brax and Adam head down to the fundraiser, where he runs into Natalie. Brax wants to get back together with Natalie, but when she protests that there’s no room for her in his life, Adam warns him not to waste his time. Meanwhile, it's clear Heath isn’t happy about Adam’s appearance in Summer Bay and his brothers’ lives - but why?

Natalie, Marilyn and Leah are on the hunt for men at the fundraiser, when they spot an attractive guy at the bar. Marilyn gets on stage where she espouses the virtues of Summer Bay, and publicly challenges the stranger to ask Leah out on a date.


  • Mon 7 Jan

    As Heath grows suspicious of his return, Adam helps Brax step up the search for Kyle.


  • Thu 13 Dec

    Indi tries to convince Sasha to come to the surf carnival, correctly guessing that she’s avoiding Casey.

  • Wed 12 Dec

    Sid questions Lisa about her husband, and Roo and Alf persuade Romeo to compete in the surf carnival.

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