Friday 14 September

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April’s surprised to find Casey looking after Ruby and speculates they might be going out. Not having had much luck hosing down Sasha's jealousy, April and Dex order a pizza to get delivery boy Casey’s side of the story - and are relieved to be able to pass on the news that the pair of them are just good friends.

Meanwhile, Ruby's grateful for Casey's support, and even more so when he invites her to the pre-exam party Sid’s organised at Angelo’s. Leah tries to caution her from getting too close to him, but Ruby refuses to see reason. At the party, Sasha is disappointed to see Casey enter with Ruby on his arm.

Elsewhere, Romeo becomes hopeful of a reconciliation with Indi; however, when she shares news of this reconnection with Sid, he warns Romeo to keep his distance.

Despite Sid’s concerns, Romeo continues to flirt with Indi at the party. When Ruby sees this, her jealousy surges and she kisses Casey.


  • Mon 17 Sep

    Sasha becomes jealous when she sees Casey kissing Ruby, unaware of his true intentions.


  • Thu 13 Sep

    Danny sets his sights on Ruby's inheritance, and Romeo's given fresh hope of a reconciliation with Indi.

  • Wed 12 Sep

    Casey starts to become aware of Danny's dark side – and how Brax is under pressure to pay him off.

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  • Gemz

    over 1 year ago


    Works fine for me. Try switching to a decent ISP.

  • S jones

    over 1 year ago

    S jones

    It doesnt work on the xbox player either, it now speeds up the video and cuts segments of speech out to keep up, it never used to, whats happening 5??

  • Rosalie

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    Same for me... I can only assume that 5 really don't have the funds to update their site for us to be able to watch anything properly, or if they do, won't, as we are not considered important enough. Shame that they don't even respond to queries - rude, much.... Bet the moderator removes THIS, too....

  • yuiki

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    use sky and record

  • Deborah

    over 1 year ago


    God catching up on Home and Away from this week has been painful....stop start stop start....

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