Friday 15 June

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Having rushed to hospital with fears for the baby, Bianca learns that, although there are complications with the pregnancy, the situation is nothing that can't be overcome. Worried that her stress levels are the reason for the scare, Bianca once again pushes Heath away, deciding she's not ready to let him into her life - or her heart.

With Harvey's court case coming up, Roo convinces him to let Morag represent him - but is left disappointed when, having been advised to plead guilty to better his chances of avoiding jail time, he objects for fear of damaging his name. It's only when Dex reminds him that Lottie can't manage without him that Harvey's given food for thought: can he conquer his pride to do what's best for his daughter?

When Indi tells her that she smashed his car, Sid refuses to bail her out. Running into Romeo, Indi vents to him about all her money problems, leaving both of them longing for what they once shared.


  • Mon 18 Jun

    Keeping Heath in the dark, Bianca takes Liam into her confidence over the problems with her pregnancy.


  • Thu 14 Jun

    Heath tries to reach out to Bianca, and Xavier fails to impress Gina with his suspicions about Jett.

  • Wed 13 Jun

    Colleen feels neglected ahead of her farewell to the Bay, little prepared for the surprise that awaits.

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