Friday 15 November

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Covering for Kyle at the bar, Bianca is chatting to Marilyn about the men in their lives when Heath shows up. After Bianca vents her anger over the fact that he's been AWOL the last couple of days, Heath is frustrated to find himself in the dog house and takes it out on Kyle. He’s even more annoyed to discover Tamara and Kyle have broken up – nobody tells him anything!

Accepting that he has no future with Tamara, Kyle apologises to her for shutting her out. She wants to know his real reason for going to the hospital – did he want them to get back together? Kyle can’t handle this as well as he'd hoped, and changes his mind about his decision to let her come back to work.

April and Dex are upset that they’ve been forced to choose who will quit. The conversation turns to Kyle/Tamara/Casey when Tamara overhears them. Realising Kyle came after her, Tamara wants to make things right. April and Dex are forced to admit they should not have focused on the personal lives of their patients. April organises to meet with Bradley and negotiate a way they can go on without one of them leaving. Bradley rejects this – its decision time. When April points out Bradley has no power over Dex’s job, Bradley agrees – so April is fired. Decision made. April wants to fight it, but Dex is sure they’ll lose. Winston, seeking comfort, finds Dex alone on a bench contemplating Bradley’s decision. Winston shares his misfortune, and through this Dex realises his true love for April comes with a price. He should sacrifice anything for her. Thanks Winston! Dex is off to make things right. He hands in his resignation. Bradley’s disappointed, but accepts the resignation.

Winston is devastated by Marilyn’s rejection, and Harvey is forced to comfort his friend. After the disastrous date, Marilyn retires to bed. Upset that Winston is leaving the Bay because of her, she guilts Harvey into spending more time with him.


  • Mon 18 Nov

    Casey makes such good progress during his physio that Tamara cannot help kissing him.


  • Thu 14 Nov

    After Dex makes a partial breakthrough, Ricky asks Tamara to help her get Casey motivated.

  • Wed 13 Nov

    Although worried that she's become an accessory to kidnapping, Leah agrees to take Oscar to hospital.

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