Friday 18 May

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After Xavier reveals to him that he saw Harvey involved in a heated conversation with the Mayor, John is convinced there is something amiss. In the meantime, Roo and Gina have had enough; in an attempt to smooth things over between the two men, they plan a dinner together. As John and Harvey pretend to be civil with each other, the women believe their plan as worked - but as soon as they're out of earshot, what happens next paints an entirely different picture.

Meanwhile, as things heat up between Dex and Lottie, Leah too decides to kick her love life back into action. Determined to prove she isn't interested in Brax, she decides to go out with someone from am online dating site. But when her chosen suitor proves to be a bore, she makes a fool of herself by getting drunk, compounding the problem by trying to seduce the man she was desperate to forget.


  • Mon 21 May

    Heath's decision to hire Hayley ups the pressure on Bianca and Liam, sparking a showdown in the diner.


  • Thu 17 May

    Indi and Romeo discuss the future of their relationship, only to realise the depths of each other's betrayal.

  • Wed 16 May

    As Indi turns to Logan for a distraction, a drunken Romeo sets his sights on Ruby.

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