Friday 20 April

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Following her visit to the surfing competition, Indi returns to the farm house with Romeo and Ruby in hot pursuit. Romeo tries to set things right, but Indi's evident distrust of him only further inflames the situation, putting their already fragile relationship at breaking point.

Meanwhile, as Alan Henderson's condition deterioriates, he once again finds himself under Sid's care, leading Margaret to insinuate that the doctor's negligence is to blame for his downward slide. However, Sid himself comes to an altogether different solution when he visits the Hendersons' to investigate Alan's medication and is led to suspect that Alan may be being poisoned by his wife.

When Sasha realises she left an incriminating message at Stu’s house, she becomes fearful it’ll be used against her in the trial and, in a fit of desperation, breaks into the Henderson house to retrieve it - but can she escape detection?


  • Mon 23 Apr

    Sid confronts Margaret with his suspicions about her part in her husband's ill health.


  • Thu 19 Apr

    Misinterpreting an innocent situation, Indi grows convinced that Romeo is having an affair with Ruby.

  • Wed 18 Apr

    Casey's plan to quit school backfires when Gina's solution forces him even closer to Henri.

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