Friday 20 January

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After catching Dex and Dallas together at the schoolies party, April returns home crushed. The following day, Dex pulls up at the diner to a round of cheers celebrating his 'score' with Dallas as April watches on with horror. Later, he catches up with her to apologise, only for her to make it clear that she's willing to neither forgive nor forget.

Indi gives Romeo a hard time about their financial security and his ever increasing number of female surf school students. Meanwhile, she begins her internship and impresses Dennis with her ingenuity, by posing as a swimsuit model in his promo shoot. When Romeo finds out, he argues with Indi that Dennis is taking advantage of her, but their argument is cut short by an unexpected visitor - Mink, Romeo’s sister.

With Alf refusing to provide him with a reference, Harvey approaches Dennis for a second chance at the marina contract. Slighted, Harvey learns from Colleen that Dennis has been very generous to John and other community members in the lead-up to the resort development. With this information, Harvey blackmails John to either influence the decision about the marina contract, else risk exposure of his 'free dinners' at Dennis’s expense.


  • Mon 23 Jan

    When Romeo's sister turns up in town, it soon becomes clear that her impromptu visit may be loaded with an ulterior motive.


  • Thu 19 Jan

    Stu forces Sasha into reconsidering their break-up when he takes her on a joyride in Xavier's car.

  • Wed 18 Jan

    Determined to get her life back on track, Charlie resolves to steer clear of Brax - but can he change her mind?

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