Friday 23 March

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Roo prepares her pitch over the whole week, nervous about her interview with Harvey. But when she learns that the other applicants were only a bluff, she becomes furious and pushes Harvey into a public pool. Calling it even, they then agree to work with each other.

Romeo has a series of unsuccessful job interviews and is feeling unsure about working as a suit for Indi. Liam explains he’s happy to commit because he’s had his wild time, suggesting that Romeo is yet to experience that. Off the back of this advice, Romeo decides to try out professional surfing.

Following the discovery of the blood-stained t-shirt at the Walkers' farm, Xavier becomes concerned with how Sasha is dealing with the situation. But as Xavier confides his fears in Sid, an interruption from Alan sparks a chain of events that results in a startling confession.


  • Mon 26 Mar

    As the events surrounding Stu's death are revealed, Indi, Dex and Roo are left feeling remorseful.


  • Thu 22 Mar

    As the police step up their investigation into Stu's murder, the Walkers are shocked when a blood-stained t-shirt is found at the farm.

  • Wed 21 Mar

    Ruby's plans to forgive and forget fall by the wayside when she finds Brax in the arms of another woman.

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