Friday 25 January

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Recovering in hospital after being knocked unconscious, Sid tells the kids he doesn’t know how it happened, but it’s clear that he and Lisa suspect Neil - and it doesn't escape Indi's notice. Later, she makes it clear to Lisa that her problems are a burden the Walkers simply can't face.

Sasha and Casey get to the hospital as a couple, where their relationship is met with a frosty reception. As Sasha demands he gave Casey a second chance, Sid's response that she's just a child provokes her into revealing that she had to take a pregnancy test - but this only cements in his mind that she's not ready for this relationship. Worried that his dad's being too strict, can Dex convince Sid to rethink his attitude towards Sasha?

Meanwhile, Brax gets Kyle to make a statement to the police, but they don’t believe his story, especially since Casey won’t be pressing charges over the kidnap. Shocked to realise when Kyle casually suggests they talk to her that Tasha's real, Brax goes to tell the police to track her down. Later, Casey falls asleep with Sasha on the beach, only to wake up the next morning to find Tamara standing over him...


  • Mon 28 Jan

    Leah grows more concerned about Jamie's apparent obsession with her and VJ. Can Adam put an end to it?


  • Thu 24 Jan

    As tension mounts, Adam tells Bianca he could get rid of Heath forever - a threat she is unsure whether he means seriously.

  • Wed 23 Jan

    When the diner is trashed, Jamie becomes the prime suspect. Will Leah and Liam believe his alibi?

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Comments (11)

  • Marky J

    1 year ago

    Marky J

    "He's not my family..." Trifle insensitive Darryl one would have to think no? He was only doing it 'Cos we're family.' Oh and yes the picture freezing did take the edge off watching yet again.

  • Corinne

    1 year ago


    Channel 5 please sort out your demand service. Neither this or Neighbours is working properly, I can watch the 100's of adverts perfectly fine but as soon as the episode content is about to start it freezes, takes me back to the beginning and makes me watch the same adverts again. Take note of all the comments on all of the episodes and please sort it out!

  • Naz

    1 year ago


    your viewing service is of an absolute rubbish standard. it insists on playing 50 adverts during 1 20 minute episode. its absolutely ridiculous that channel 5 internet tv viewing service is of such a low standard and the people who are responsible for this site seem to be deliberately ignorant to this fact or your revenue must be created by how many times you play an advert; If this is the case, you need to come up with a system were after the adverts are finished the episode continues rather than having to refresh the page and start again with 120 seconds of adverts. you are torturing your viewers with these ridiculously long adverts. channel 5's internet tv service needs to get its act together.

  • Jess

    1 year ago


    "This player is unable to play this protected content at this time" - I've been trying to watch it since Saturday. Sort it out please.

  • James

    1 year ago


    Dear Channel 5- sort the adverts out please, i'm sick and tired of wasting an hour of my life trying to watch 1 episode- the constant stalling is annoying, and please please change them i'm fed up with the avocado advert.

  • Bored now

    1 year ago

    Bored now

    Just wasted an hour fmy life trying to watch this 1 episode. Sort out your website channel 5.

  • jen

    1 year ago


    to Kathryn, huh who did she kill?

  • Kathryn

    1 year ago


    It is working fine for me in England...

  • Fudge

    1 year ago


    Surely Sasha's response to being a child isn't that she took a pregnancy test but more "I killed a man!"

  • Natural Harmonia

    1 year ago

    Natural Harmonia

    @lola pearce It's most likely your computer that's too slow to stream videos from this website. I've never had a problem with it, so that's the only explanation I can think of.

  • lola pearce

    1 year ago

    lola pearce

    cant watch this episode, don't understand because neighbours is working so why isn't home and away working, needs to be sorted asap. demand five always has some issue with their website, getting ridiculous now, ive never had a problem with other websites....