Friday 26 October

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The excitement of a new baby is starting to wear off as the reality of sleepless nights and relentless nappy changes kicks in for Heath and Bianca. When they can’t find Rocco’s dummy and he won’t stop crying, Bianca reaches the end of her tether and storms out, leaving Rocco alone with Uncle Brax. After some reassurance from Heath, Bianca returns home to find that Brax has finally managed to sooth Rocco to sleep.

Meanwhile, when John calls for news on Jett, Gina's dismissive response only leaves him feeling further sidelined. When Gina does finally speak to Molly and deciphers that maybe Jett is keeping his distance because of the way John reacted to Richard, she's left seething over the fact that her husband's behaviour could have frightened him - until, that is, John arrives in the city and proves he cares just as much as she does.

When Leah offers her a room in her house, Natalie is excited to finally have a place to live. However, their living arrangements get off to a shaky start when Leah clocks Natalie's interest in Brax and advises against getting involved with him, only to learn that it's already too late for that. Leah is taken back by this news, trying hard to suppress her jealousy. In the meantime, Brax tries to call Natalie to start things back up, but his call goes unanswered.


  • Mon 29 Oct

    Facing the prospect of a long jail sentence, Casey decides to put his life in order and tie up loose ends.


  • Thu 25 Oct

    When Casey rejects their help, Brax and Natalie are forced to make a choice: do they invest in him or their relationship?

  • Wed 24 Oct

    Heath struggles to put aside his grief to be there for Casey on the day of the bail hearing.

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