Friday 27 April

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After finding out that VJ’s bad behaviour is result of a River Boys prank, Leah warns Brax to keep his distance. But when John convinces him that VJ needs to have a positive influence in his life, Brax proposes to Leah that he start a project with her son in order to keep him out of trouble. Is Leah prepared to accept his offer if it forces her to confront her feelings?

Despite having taken steps to prove himself capable of being a better housemate, when John bumps into Gina at the diner it becomes clear that he's still reeling from what she said about his bad habits. Gina, however, is bemused as to why she is so cold - prompting a confrontation that opens to their eyes to the fact that, in spite of everything, they're still very much in love.

Romeo and Indi return from a break from Summer Bay, and things between them appear better than ever: Indi has learnt to both trust Ruby and support Romeo in his surfing. In the meantime, Ruby is becoming friendly with fellow surfer Steve. Romeo is suspicious of their relationship, but when Ruby sees him and Indi playing the happy couple, she runs straight into Steve’s arms.


  • Mon 30 Apr

    As John and Gina negotiate a fresh start, Leah's feelings for Brax leave Elijah feeling sidelined.


  • Thu 26 Apr

    Leah's hopes for a fresh start fall flat when VJ's bid to become a River Boy forces Brax back into her life.

  • Wed 25 Apr

    As things heat up between Casey and Henri, could Heath pose a threat to his brother's happiness?

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