Friday 27 July

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Romeo comforts Ruby in what he believes is the aftermath of losing the baby, later sharing the sad news with Alf and Roo. Hearing about the ‘miscarriage’ from Roo, Leah once again heads straight to Ruby, finding a broken girl begging for the opportunity to fix things. Meanwhile, Alf encourages Romeo to talk to Ruby, who after some soul-searching finally admits the truth. Romeo storms out of their caravan, leaving a distraught Ruby crying on the ground.

April is thankful for Dex’s help in her exam preparation but wonders if he should be focusing on his own uni work. Sending April on her way to her exam, Dex shares with Irene that he’s gotten a final warning to hand in a late assignment by the end of the day. Lottie’s overheard Dex’s plight and steps in to rescue him, taking a much-needed hardball approach.

Harvey returns from his visit to Mel with a disappointing result – she’s feeling more on top of things and wants to take Lottie with her when she moves to the city. Harvey breaks the news to Lottie, who can only try to cover her upset.

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