Monday 26 August

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As her wedding day dawns, Bianca's hopes for an end to the dramas are dashed when she intercepts Heath's text for April. Furious, she tracks him down, warning him to stay away from both the ceremony and her sister. However, Bianca soon finds herself in need of Heath's help when they're spotted by the paparazzo - and things only go from bad to worse when, in their bid to escape in Heath's car, a flat tyre leaves them stranded.

Meanwhile, the body found at the caravan park is identified as that of Stu Henderson. After Dennis admits to moving it and the resort site is consequently declared a crime scene, the police begin to look elsewhere for answers about Stu’s death, questioning Sid about his possible involvement.


  • Tue 27 Aug

    Henri’s tutoring of Casey stalls as it becomes clear that he has only one thing on his mind.


  • Fri 23 Aug

    Locked up together after getting caught joyriding, Aden confides his deepest secret to Nicole.

  • Thu 22 Aug

    As Jack and Martha celebrate their wedding, Zoe makes good on her threat to make Summer Bay pay.

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Comments (13)

  • Liz

    2 years ago


    Have moved to Canada thank goodness for Demand 5 or I could'nt get my Home & Away fix every day,luv it

  • Becky

    2 years ago


    Can anyone please tell me where I can get the dress that April wore to Bianca's wedding? Very much appreciated x

  • loveH&A

    2 years ago


    I don't think April is nasty really just extremely wanton and misguided ! I don't know how she can go back to a normal boy/girl relationship now, who would have her ? they would feel they couldn't live up. She's always been a mixed up character seeking approval from her Dad who rarely has anything to do with her and she even tried to blow somewhere up to show him she agreed with what he stands for. She's had mental health problems and dabbled with drugs for one so young she's had a lot going on. So I think she's mistaking desire for love and is really enjoying herself !

  • sarah

    2 years ago


    totally agree, April is a nasty piece of work!

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  • Confyna

    2 years ago


    @onebyonebyone....excuse me!..Don't tell me to shut up!.I'm entitled to say what I think, and I think she is a toe rag,simple as that!.. Do you think . you are the brains of Britain then, because you came out with a word like pantheon?..If only you knew what I do for a living!.. @Beverly...the shows in Australia are about 3 to 4 weeks ahead of us!

  • beverly naylor

    2 years ago

    beverly naylor

    there was a mistake in the episode tonight on fiver-heath was holding a leaflet about a cage fight and it said 29/02/11,now i know last year wasnt a leap year cause this one is,and i didnt think they was a year behind i thought they was in front of us.

  • onebyonebyone

    2 years ago


    April is not a toe rag, shut up! she is the pantheon of what it is to be of woman. You know nothing!

  • ColleenSmartForever

    2 years ago


    Is it Axle (Liam) that sings that version of the theme song?

  • Suzy

    2 years ago


    Nice new take on the Home and away song :-)

  • Confyna

    2 years ago


    April is just a little toe-rag.