Monday 11 June

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After Hayley kisses Liam, he realises he isn’t in the best place to help her detox and leaves. While Brax's sympathy is in short supply when he learns Hayley's done a runner, blaming her manipulative ways, Liam finds himself full of self-loathing, wishing he could have been stronger. So when Hayley later returns and asks him to stick by her, he realises he can’t give up and reaches out to offer her a second chance.

Worried about his court case and the impact it will have on Lottie, Harvey invites her to a special lunch as part of his plan to spend more time with her. However, despite it being an ideal opportunity for her to put Dex through the 'dad test', Lottie can't help but feel disheartened when during the get-together Harvey asks her boyfriend to take care of her while he's away, making it clear that he doesn't hold out much hope of winning the case – a fact that becomes harder to ignore when he later fires his lawyer and decides to represent himself.

After winning the lottery, Colleen is brainstorming ideas for how she best to spend her money. A concerned Marilyn tries to convince her to spend it wisely and, when she realises that all Colleen really wants is to live near her son, decides to secretly intervene. To Colleen's surprise, Lance asks her to move to Las Vegas with him and his family, prompting her to make the decision to leave the Bay.


  • Tue 12 Jun

    Liam realises he and Hayley are in dangerous territory, and Townsend finds a new axe to grind with Casey.


  • Fri 8 Jun

    Despite her reluctance to accept help, Liam stays with Hayley as she tries to kick her drug habit.

  • Thu 7 Jun

    Harvey helps Lottie break the ice with Dex, and Liam pushes Hayley to admit to her drug problem.

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