Monday 14 January

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Leah's been avoiding Jamie since their date, put off by his strange behaviour, but when he arrives at the diner to invite her to lunch, she acts on Roo's advice and decides to give him a second chance. Leah finds herself enjoying the date, and they share an intimate kiss, but is Jamie all he appears to be?

Meanwhile, Bianca’s erratic behaviour is worrying Irene and Natalie, and she seems intent on pushing everyone away. When Liam learns about Bianca’s involvement with Adam, he tries to connect with her over his past drug use - could be the one to break through to her?

Heath and Brax arrive at Kyle's Melbourne address, only to be greeted by a woman who claims that he no longer lives there. As they leave, however, Kyle appears in the doorway behind her. Kyle decides to skip town, while the woman who harboured him suggests her seek out his brothers. Later, Kyle contacts Brax to arrange a meeting with him and Heath, but can he be trusted?


  • Tue 15 Jan

    After chasing him down, Brax lays it all out for Kyle and tries to persuade him to come back to the Bay.


  • Fri 11 Jan

    Struggling to function after the accident, Dex reveals to Romeo that he feels pressured by Sid's expectations.

  • Thu 10 Jan

    Indi and Romeo recommit to their relationship, by surprising their loved ones with a renewing of vows.

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