Monday 14 November

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When the scheduled act pulls out of the gig at Angelo's, Gypsy persuades Liam to perform. Although it's a success, Bianca can't help but worry that Liam is vulnerable to falling back into old habits - and her frustrations only deepen as she clocks Gypsy's attraction to him, calling her out for two-timing Mark.

Meanwhile, Irene struggles with the effects of her first round of chemotherapy; and Leah begins to shut out Miles in the wake of her miscarriage, prompting VJ to confide in Elijah his fears that this might signal the end of the couple's relationship.


  • Tue 15 Nov

    With Charlie closer to making an arrest over the arson, Heath and Casey go on the run.


  • Fri 11 Nov

    Anxious to talk over his feelings, Elijah finds Leah distraught as fate deals her and Miles a devastating blow.

  • Thu 10 Nov

    After apologising for mixing up Roo's dates, Sasha is forced to reconsider her attitude towards Sid.

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