Monday 21 May

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While Liam still wants to leave the Bay, Bianca remains unsettled by Heath's decision to hire Hayley. The situation grows more heated still when the four of them get caught up in a confrontation in the diner, during which Liam makes matters worse by laying the blame on his wife. Brax, meanwhile, decides to pull Hayley aside, wanting answers.

Much to John’s bemusement, Gina invites Roo and Harvey to lunch in a bid to cement their friendship. John having earlier lost his temper with a student, the tension continues when Harvey later brings up the issue. Although after finding out about the incident Gina reassures him it won't affect his council position, John saoon finds out his school run has been cancelled - and can't help suspecting that Harvey's to blame.

After confessing to Roo that she drunkenly tried to kiss Brax, Leah takes her friend's advice and tries to apologise to him - but will he be willing to accept?


  • Tue 22 May

    Still blaming her for Charlie's death, Brax forces Hayley to come clean about why she set him up.


  • Fri 18 May

    Leah's plans to forget Brax end in disaster when she braves her first attempt at internet dating.

  • Thu 17 May

    Indi and Romeo discuss the future of their relationship, only to realise the depths of each other's betrayal.

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