Friday 24 August

Episode 4469: The One Where Fisher Comes Back

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Sally is delighted to discover that her mentor and old school Principal Donald Fisher is back in town, and a round of catch-ups and introductions begin – a lot has happened in the five years he’s been away. Alf is particularly happy to have his old mate back, and Don's delighted to learn that Sally and Brad are going to be married. However, most of Don's own news is tinged with sadness: he's split from his wife June, and former partner Marilyn has breast cancer. Sadly, due to a failed investment in a resort, he's also broke. He's not sure how long he's going to be in town, but he knows one thing: he can't stay anywhere for long without earning some money, and a teaching position at Summer Bay High would be just the ticket. Meanwhile, Sally's on the back of the Education Department to make a decision about the appointment of her Deputy Principal: in Fisher will they find the ideal man for the job?


  • Mon 27 Aug

    While Sally discovers the word 'Milco' written in the sand at the beach, Morag almost runs down Miles.


  • Fri 24 Aug

    Doctors fight to save Sally after she is found in the school car park following a brutal stabbing.

  • Thu 23 Aug

    Online-only episode. With Alf on trial for fraud, Morag fears the odds are stacked against her brother as she sets out to prove him the victim of a set-up.

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