Wednesday 8 August

Episode 1710 - The One with Ailsa's Breakdown

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Suffering hallucinations as a result of the medication she’s taking to combat depression, Ailsa continues to confide in an imaginary Bobby – revealing her phobia that her husband’s trying to kill her. By the time Alf gets home, Ailsa’s worked herself into a state, lunging at him with a barbecue fork and screaming at him not to come any closer. Although Alf’s fears for his son see him ignore her warnings and fight his way past without harm, Ailsa’s overwhelmed by confusion; when he finally comes back from Duncan’s room, she collapses into his arms as she wakes up to her need for help.


  • Thu 9 Aug

    Tragedy strikes when Shane collapses during a trip to celebrate his and Angel's first anniversary.


  • Wed 8 Aug

    Angel is concerned that she will be confined to a wheelchair for her big day.

  • Tue 7 Aug

    Online-only episode. James (Simon Baker) turns to Luke for pointers on how to impress Roxy.

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