Thursday 23 August

Episode 4102: The One With The Cyclone

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With Kim (Chris Hemsworth) continuing his fight for life following an overdose, Summer Bay braces itself for devastation as a cyclone rips through town. While the Hunters batten down the hatches and Tasha remains holed up in a tent with cult The Believers, Ric finds Cassie huddled up in a caravan, crying. He wants to lead her back to the house, but as he puts his foot down on the wet floor he’s stung with an electric shock, then spots live wires hanging against the van. Meanwhile, Sally remembers that Cassie has been heading to van 28 lately for some time to herself; without a second thought she rushes out, Flynn and Alf hot on her heels. Ric and Cassie see Sally heading towards them, calling out a warning, but she can’t hear them. As she grabs the door handle, she’s instantly flung back to the ground with a heavy thud…


  • Thu 23 Aug

    The residents of Summer Bay react with shock to the news that Flynn has only hours left to live, each taking their turn to visit his bedside and say their goodbyes.


  • Wed 22 Aug

    Online-only episode. Hayley’s life hangs by a thread as a freak accident sends the Palace up in smoke. Will Gus prove to be her knight in shining armour?

  • Wed 22 Aug

    As an unsuspecting Sally excitedly prepares to surprise him with a romantic getaway to Italy, Flynn is at the hospital getting the results of his biopsy, and the news isn't good.

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Comments (2)

  • Lorraine E

    over 1 year ago

    Lorraine E

    Its strange how many people report problems whereas I have had no problems at all

  • Michael B

    over 1 year ago

    Michael B

    You guys must have the worst video stream on the entire internet, took me over half an hour to get through ten minutes and now it's given up entirely.Yet it plays the same three adverts over and over again fine.Utterly amateurish, you should be ashamed.