Thursday 1 November

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Although Gina is in high spirits now that Jett is back, this only makes John feel even more useless as he fears he can't make his wife happy. Things go from bad to worse when, having abandoned his dinner plans with Gina, he drowns away his sorrows with Marilyn and lies about doing it. When he returns home drunk, Gina is furious and Jett becomes paranoid that he has ruined everything.

Irene has had enough of Heath’s bad habits and asks Bianca to have words with him. Although tempers reach boiling point when he turns up with some River Boys and Bianca orders them out, it's enough to open Heath's eyes to the fact that he needs to rethink his ways if he's to keep the peace at Irene's.

Meanwhile, Harvey is still angry at Roo for lying to him about her involvement with Tim. When Tim shows up and Harvey sees them chatting, he becomes even more convinced than ever that Roo is keeping secrets from him.

Concerned that Indi isn’t coping without Romeo's friendship, Liam asks him to be there for her in this time of need. Romeo isn’t pleased with Liam telling him how to treat his ex but, after thinking it through, realises he shouldn’t hold on to his anger and instead try to move on.


  • Fri 2 Nov

    Roo is forced to choose between Harvey and Tim, but will her decision come too late for the man she loves?


  • Wed 31 Oct

    As April and Dex face a battle to reconnect, Casey renews his efforts to make peace with Heath.

  • Tue 30 Oct

    Brax takes Casey to visit Dex in the hospital, hoping to proving to him that life is worth fighting for.

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