Thursday 3 May

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Sasha is withdrawn as she goes on trial for Stu's murder, with Sergeant Watson stating to the court her belief that the teen's death was premeditated and Sid, too, coming under fire from the prosecution. When Christy claims to have been involved in a romantic relationship with Stu, Sasha can't help falling for the trap, prompting Morag to advise Sid that she doesn't think she should take the stand the next day.

After being confronted by April, Casey fails to see through his plans to break up with Henri. As the pair struggle to distance themselves from one another, will Casey agree to Henri's taking leave in order for them to live out their relationship in the open?

Meanwhile, in order to support Sasha and the Walkers, Romeo tells Ruby and Steve he’s not going to the surfing championship. When Ruby voices her concerns to Indi, Romeo is left feeling irritated by her interference, and in turn he gives his opinion that Steve is no good for her.

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